Herger kids

Herger kids

Monday, July 20, 2009

What we have been up too!!!

First, to start the update off.. We went camping in the Redwoods with Pam, Jamie, Jillian, Mikell, Dean and I! We had SO MUCH FUN!!! My computer is being a little picky about the pictures so I only have a few of them up here.
This was the last big camping trip my little brother Mikell will be taking.. He is now serving his mission in Omaha, Nebraska..
While the rest of us took naps... Jillian was very busy coaxing the little squirrels and chipmunks with her sunflower seeds.. With so much determination she was successful! One chipmunk loved Jillian, it was so cute! He would eat right out of her hand. Dean and I had to get in on this action and the little sweet thing ate from our hand as well! We had a blast. We went on walks, checked out massive redwoods, looked at a waterfall.. For a couple days we were just spoiled by Heavenly Fathers creations and Pams amazing cooking!! It was lovely!
Elder Mikell Mohr, serving in Nebraska... He has now joined the missionary ranks with our other brother Elder Coltton Mohr serving in Switzerland. It is such a blessing to have worthly, loving, happy brothers that give up two years of their lives to service. We are so very blessed! They could always use letters of love and support so if anyone would like to write them, let me know and I'll post thier addresses. ;)

Brandon and Whitney Redferns Wedding

July 3rd, 2009

This sweet little girl is Kanyon! She is one of my best friends (Kim Kupfer) little girl. She is so adorable and such a happy baby..
Dean and I, showing a little belly! Our little girl is growing and we are so very excited!
Whitney and Brandon Redfern!!! Here with all the girls! There wedding was so beautiful. We are so very happy for the two of them. They are going to live in Virginia, it is so very far away but perfect for vacations! haha We love them both!
I love this picture!! Whitney is so lovely..
And here we are!! All four of us together! These are my best friends.. Kim, Me, Whitney and Megan. We all grew up together in Chico and have been best friends for around 10 years.. We are so very blessed to have each other. I love them so much.