Herger kids

Herger kids

Monday, March 23, 2009

Santa Cruz

Tony trying to get his kite up in the air instead of hugging the sand!
It was Dean and I Spring Break last week, so we took Mikell and Tony to Santa Cruz. I tell ya, the boys are so much fun! We flew kites, played cards all night, picked up shells, when on a walk and ate McDonald's!

Mikell is so funny.. He is showing me how much he likes the sand! Mikell treated us to clam chowder and fries, it was so yummy.
Dean LOVED flying his kite, his went up so high! He is so wonderful and cute.

I love picking up shells! And odd looking ocean stuff.. Mikell came and joined me. Ocean goodies! Here we all are.. This is a reflection off one of the shops on the pier... Not to bad!
Tony, Me, Dean and Mikell.
We had so much fun chill'en at the beach. Santa Cruz is a great get away!

Wonderful Dinio's!!!!

Mikell and I went to Sacramento to visit Tammara for a day.. It just happened to be a Saturday and we made a trip to my new found FAVORITE place, DINIO'S. It is like going to Mexico, tons of shops, fresh produce and all sorts of treasure. It is so wonderful!
Now the story behind Tammara and this lady in the Gold pants. When Mikell (the one next to me is the sunglasses) was a young pup, had a pair of victorias secret silky, stretchy, gold pants just like the one this lady is wearing. He would wear them EVERY night for year!! (No joke)So naturally while standing in the food line, our eyes caught a briliant glow and to our astonishment... a girl in Mikell's gold stretchy pants . We all couldn't avert our eyes, so Tammara had no problem asking her to take a picture with her and her wonderful goldies! She was a great sport about it! hahah

Mikell and I at the $5 shade stand! I had a tag in my eye!!! We are deal shoppers.. ;)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cassi playing at Arco Arena!!

Jamie and I in the car... waiting for Dean and Pam to get out of JAIL!!!! (They had to get finger prints done..) We were all on our way to Cassi's tournament game!!

Cassi's cheering section!
My sweet Dean and Mother.. They are the cutest fans, ha. Jamie, Bob and part of Jillian!
Cassi at work! You go girl!!!! She is a great Baller and has some SERIOUS skills. This is proof! We had so much fun watching Cassi play.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sweet, Talyor Grace!!!!

Lauren is so cute, she was showing us how many dresses she could put on!! FIVE....
Micah loves ballet.... She was singing and dancing all over the house!

This has to be my favorite picture of Brent and little Taylor! Brent is so beautiful!

I am in baby heaven. Taylor is so adorable!

What a cute picture! Dean with Taylor and the newest mommy of three, Robin! I love you guys!