Herger kids

Herger kids

Monday, March 23, 2009

Santa Cruz

Tony trying to get his kite up in the air instead of hugging the sand!
It was Dean and I Spring Break last week, so we took Mikell and Tony to Santa Cruz. I tell ya, the boys are so much fun! We flew kites, played cards all night, picked up shells, when on a walk and ate McDonald's!

Mikell is so funny.. He is showing me how much he likes the sand! Mikell treated us to clam chowder and fries, it was so yummy.
Dean LOVED flying his kite, his went up so high! He is so wonderful and cute.

I love picking up shells! And odd looking ocean stuff.. Mikell came and joined me. Ocean goodies! Here we all are.. This is a reflection off one of the shops on the pier... Not to bad!
Tony, Me, Dean and Mikell.
We had so much fun chill'en at the beach. Santa Cruz is a great get away!


Bree said...

Well, hello, there! It's me, Bree, Brian's wife. Congratulations on your first baby! Wahoooo! Oh, how I miss California. So warm & beautiful, but we are really loving it here in Utah. Have fun!

The McCarthy Family said...

OK I am needing a Dean and Savannah FIX. I want to go with you guys the next time you go some place fun!!! Your trip to Santa Cruz looks like sooooo much fun. Hey Savannah, love the new Blog look. Also hubba hubba on that wedding picture!!!!!!! Love your big sis,

bclarkexcel said...

Hey Savannah,
I'm sooo jealous that you went to Santa Cruz. How FUN!!! It is great how we can all keep up alittle better with the bloggin' thing. Hope to see you at the reunion up at Camp Nauvoo.
Luv ya,