Herger kids

Herger kids

Monday, July 25, 2011

Little update.

Tips to beating the Hot Arizona Heat..

1. Do your running around in the morning..

2. Water is your new best friend, DO NOT leave the house without a bottle.

3. After naps.. hang out in diaper (luck June!)

We are so blessed to be here in Arizona. I have made a couple really good friends that are so very sweet. I went to a "Girls Night" and come to find out, my friends through a little baby shower for me. I love them! June took over the balloons the second I walked in the door. :)

No Love for Ronald McDonald

There are so many fun things for us to do.. Our friend Tiffany loves going to the library so we thought we'd check it out.. June loved story time. We sang, read books and played with scraves and bubbles. A "Special Guest" was coming after songs and books. When Ronald McDonald walked in.. all the kids got so excited. Not June.. We were sitting near the front and June was clapping allong with the other kids but her face and voice was not sure. When Ronald went into his tricks, June wasn't having it.. she screamed out, "SIDE" (which means outside). I walked to the back of the group and June was crying but keeping her eyes on the happy, loud, over excited clown. By then the attention was on June. Needless to say, we didn't hang around.. No more Ronald McDonald reading time for us.

Bye, Bye, Ronald..

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One Amazing Week!

Happy 4th of July

Our first time watching fireworks in Arizona.. We had a couple friends come over and sit on our front lawn to enjoy the view. Popcorn, popsicles and water balloons were a perfect touch.

June with her buddies, Tommy and Indi
We love being in Arizona. Heavenly Father has blessed up with good friends and wonderful oppertunities here, we are so grateful.

Time with Family

We left Wednesday for Utah for some family time.. What a blast! June got to spend time with her cousins, Lincoln and Reagan. Lincoln and Reagan were great playmates. Lincoln would push June back and forth and back and forth. Reagan was so good about showing June where and what to do. She is such a good big sister and cousin.

Lincoln loves playing wiht Unlce Dean.
Such a cute picture!

Julie is such a wonderful host. She made us Switish Pancakes and they were SO GOOD.. Here are her helpers!!

JulieAnn and Will, you are both great parents. So thoughtful and loving. Thank you for all your love towards us. We loved playing and just spending time together. Your home is a blessed place. You can feel love and warmth in your home... Thank you for everything. We are so grateful to be family, and blessed to have such a special connection with you guys. Love you!

Elder Mikell Mohr returning from his mission!!

June's first time meeting her Unlce Mikell... So exciting!

Here he comes! Mikell ran down the stairs right into his momma's arms. It was was sweet.

Hello, Elder Mikell!

Welcome Home little Brother..

(Papa, Mikell, Oma, Grandma, Dean, Savannah and June)

June was so happy to see Papa.

Unlce Mike had a warming gift for June, a Teddy Bear. That helped break the ice, she loves the bear.

Play Day

After picking up Mikell from the Airport, we went to lunch. Metting up with JulieAnn, Reagan, Lincoln, Tammara, Jason and Hunter. Tammara and Jason brought their 2 adorable puppys.

Mikell looks so happy, doesn't he. :)

Julie and Lincoln

Reagan is so cute! This picture is the BEST...haha

Papa and Reagan

Beautiful afternoon at the Park.

After lunch we went to the park to play with the kids and puppies. Perfect weather and tons of fun.

Lincoln chill'en

Hunter is so good with all the kids,they loved him. Hunter is such a talented dude.. He could manage all the kids hovering over two puppies and be able to play with them. Hunter you are awesome! :)

Lincoln, Hunter w Pup, Reagan and June

Tammara and JulieAnn such lovely gals. It was so fun just being able to sit and chat. I've missed these gals a ton.

Cousins playing.

June and her Aunt Tammara, whom June calls Nani... don't know why put its cute. June would rather sit with her Aunt than her Mom.. I am so glad she loves her auntie.

Time in Wellington, Utah

Four Generation picture. It is such a treat having Grandma so close. She made her lemon suprise and let me tell you it is AMAZING. Grandma is still so thoughtful and full of lovies. Grandma we love you tons!

(Dad, Grandma, Me and June )

"Bound, bound, bound and re-bound"
June begs her daddy many times a day to "Bound.."

Herger Family.. about to get bigger!!!


I miss my sister so much. Tammara is my best friend and being so far from her is hard for me, so this was a highlight of the trip for me. :) I love you Tamma.

Love these girls!

Love these guys!

Unlce Jason and June snuggling! June was so willing to jump into his arms, so cute. June is such a little thing and Unlce Jason is huge and she had no problem squeezing in! We love you Uncle Jason. We can't wait for a visit!! :)

This is such a Rockee move.. I thought Coltton would love this picture. June was in heaven just roaming around the yard with the dogs. Dean and I haven't seen her so happy and carefree, Oma and Papa your home is so special.

June was in heaven. She loved the swing and having Hunter, Mikell and puppy was heaven. It was difficult getting her out of it!

Mikell the Poser! haha

The evenings were the best.. swinging, talking, roasting marshmellows, it was so relaxing!

June has NEVER fallen asleep on anyone.. She snuggled right up with Hunter and the pup and slept. It was so cute. Hunter your little cousin LOVES you.

Mikell about to give his coming home talk. June warmed up to him fast! He is so funny!

Another favorite thing of mine to do is sit on the porch and just talk and eat.. Wellington is perfect kick back town. Mom and Dad's home smells like Home Depot to me. I love the smells, sounds and green grass.. Simple things in life is where it is at!

Oma and Junie cooking eggs for breakfast..

Leaving Papa, Oma and Mikie.

We had such a great trip. I have never seen June have so much fun. She was doing her own thing, playing with toys.. demanding the dogs follow her everywhere. June was call Bruno... "Bruno, mere". Bruno is at least two times bigger than june.. All the doggies loved June and June LOVED the doggies.

Oma and Papa, thank you for such a fun weekend. Time with family means the world to us. Thank you for all the yummy food, camping out on your porch, the s'mores and great company.

Mikell, we are so happy you are home from your mission. You are such a great example to us all. Heavenly Father is blessed with your work, i know it! We lov you so much. Take care of Coltton, Branndon, Leanne and Hazel. Love them up for us!