Herger kids

Herger kids

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Banks, Mohrs and Hergers

Family photos!!! We had a nice treat on Sunday.. Aunt Mundi and Unlce Alan along with our cousins, Eden, Avery, Nathan and Ben came to Chico for the afternoon! We love the Banks.
Leanne is our photographer in the family. She took the cutest pictures of Dean and I!! Here is only one of a bunch.. Aren't we cute! I love Dean so much, he is the perfect man for me. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for sure a blessing!

McCarthy Fun!!

Jim and Dean!!! Our nephew Bob is s great football player. Action packed games and Bob plays the entire time... We can't wait until next session! Way to go Bobbo!!

Grandma Herger, Me, The Stud!! (Bob) and Dean.. Yeah he worked hard for that sweat too!!!

I had the greatest honor in joining my family at the Womens Republican Party.. I even got to sit at Melissa McCarthy's table. For all that don't understand the importance of that.. I'll tell you! Melissa is known for her splendid taste in table decore.. It is ALWAYS magnificent, this picture does no justice!! ( Melissa and Cassi) ;)
Me with my two beautiful niece, Jillian and Cassi! Aren't they wonderful!!!

Halloween 2008

Mom was our Captain (she looked the best!), Dean and I poor pirates and Mikell, Mario!

Pirates!!! Dean and I LOVE dressing up and this is the only time of the year I can put make up on Dean... Although this year it was just eye liner and cocco (for dirt).

We couldn't let Wally be a lone-ranger so we made him dress up too! Mario, the professional type! We are always sure to have a good laugh with him!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I want to let everyone know our computer is messed up!! So I am trying to fix it. I have a ton of funny pictures from the reunion but am having the hardest time putting them up! I finally got another one to work... I love it, it's an action shot!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dicovery Park!!

Sorry family, our computer is being a PAIN! I am trying to get more pictures up with the family at the park. It might take a while but more are coming... I love this one and so far it is the only one I can get to work!
Jillian, Savannah(me), Cassi, and Lauren

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Almond Bowl 2008

Almond Bowl is the biggest football game of the year!! It is when Pleasant Valley plays their cross town rival Chico High... We are proud to say that LB is our JV, first string, center (line man) and he is so good. He played hard at it showed, JV won against Chico!! Well done boys!

Chris, Janelle and Deanna came to watch Lb play with us..

Here Deanna and I are at the game.. with Branndon and Leanne are SO FUNNY!! The next picture is LB (with his "Mohr"-hawk), Dad, Mikell, Branndon and my hunny, Dean!!! Don't they look buff!! grrr

Friday, October 17, 2008


Mikell was joining Dean and I for Family Home Evening at the movies!! This is our opening song!

More snap shots!!

My love!! Tone Man Unlce Eric

And me... plus Tamma!
Just fun shots I thought all would like to see!! ;)

Snap Shots!!!!

Jamie LB Momma Grandma and Grandpa

Uncle Craig Tamma Mikie-bikie Daddo


Birthday Party!! It was Uncle Craig, Mikell and Tammara's birthdays we celebrated!! Check out the mound of fire.. They are getting old, kidding! We are so blessed to have a wonderful family. It was a wonderful treat having Uncle Craig, Uncle Eric, Grandma and Grandpa.. It was so fun! Anytime Eric and Craig are around we laugh.. lots and lots of laughs! We love our uncles they are a crack up!! Happy birthday Craig, Mikell and Tammara!!

Momma (the oldest kid in her family), Grandpa, Grandma, Craig (middle child!) and Eric (mom calls him the BABY!!!haha) Aren't they a cute family!! What a great picture!

Here is the smaller half of the family!! There is always a good turn out for birthday get togethers, although we all in the same area anyway.. Look'en good and we are only going to get bigger!!

Josh and Mia Culp

Josh is the newest addition to the Mohr side of the family. Our cousin Mia found herself a catch, way to go Mia!! We love you both and wish you the happiest.. Aren't they cute!

I love my sweetheart, Dean!! He is my Love!!
We LOVE going to the temple!!


This year we have been so lucky to have done the sound for the last two big rodeos in northern California. We don't know how Dad does it... We had so much fun!! And the best thing we sat next to the bull riders and right in front of the gates so we saw EVERYTHING close up! It was great. Nothing like a bull riding with sunflowers seeds, that is the way to spend the weekend.

Tammara and I love the lip shots.. Mine need a little help!

Haha... Tammara, Mikell and Dean! These are some CRAZY bulls....
Now this was SO FUNNY!!! This is a BULLy.. This is the bull that does cowboy poker! If anyone knows what that is you'll understand he is a mean bull. What I found so funny, is that he is put with the sheep!! And even then he would push them around..

Friday, September 5, 2008

Our Precious Doggies!

One thing Dean and I find great joy in is out doggies. When Coltton left on his mission Rockie was not himself, after lots and lots of lovies we finally got his spirits back up! Rockie fell in love with Dean. Now if you know Rockie he loves to jump at anything that flies by such as birds, dragonflies, butterflies, prysiams and even planes!
Dean walks in the gate and Rockie runs for his stick.. the one that he has been chewing on all day and the barking begins and doesn't end until Dean leaves.. Rockie is getting good... Just look!
For those of you who do not know her... her name is Belle. This is my precious, my baby girl, my sweetheart (Dean too!!), she will be 9 in Nov. Belle is my doggie, she stays at my parents home. Santa brought her to me while I was in the 8th grade (santa knows EVERYTHING!!). Belle is mine and Deans baby girl, isn't she a doll..

Football Fans

We are proud supporters of our youngest brother, LB (little brandon, that is not so little!!). He is a Sophmore this year at Pleasant Valley High and an amazing football player (#75). There is nothing like watching a game with a hot dog in one hand and nice cold drink in the other!! GO VIKINGS!!!
Go get'um LB!!

The Masqurade Party

We had a wonderful night.. celebrating Cara's birthday! What a great evening with the family.

Dear Melissa, Jamie and I, beautiful girls!! Looking good in black!

The boys, I mean MEN, Dean (Stud, is what I call him!), Cameron (The sligh raven), Jim (Zorro's got nothing on this guy!) and Jaimie (sassy, is the best word for this!!!!). I think the masks are just OUTSTANDING! Happy Birthday Cara, isn't she beautiful!!
Melissa and Jim look great in this pic, you three are so awesome.
We are so excited for Robin and Brent and their new comer...Robin is one hot momma!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Dean

Here is to the MAN!!! August 9th no ordinary day, Dean's Birthday! I love this man with all my heart.. I have never in my life loved someone so much.. He makes me laugh until my stomach hurts and I begin to cry. He is always happy and makes life magnificent. Dean is my everything and I love him so much. Happy Birthday Dean!!!

Water Works Park

We just had the most fabulous weekend with Pam, Jamie, Melissa and Jillian! We went to the water park in Redding. Dean and I LOVED playing with you all.. Pam is napping in the back, she is so wonderful! Look how cute Jillian is, our sweet niece. Dean and I LOVED playing with her, she was keeping us going the whole day! So GREAT..
Melissa is one of the funniest people I know, everytime I am with her she makes me laugh. We love you Melissa!
Jamie is my chill'en buddy.. We would get in the lounge pool, Jillian and I were the motorboats and Jamie the precious cargo!

This was by far the best ride! Dean, Jillian and Melissa almost touched the top.. Melissa was crazy enough to go down by herself and BACKWARDS!!!! The rest of us didn't have enought gutts to do that.. It was such a fun day, our family is awesome..

Reno Vacation

Dean and I at went to Reno right after summer school got out, we needed time away after our long classes. We started of in no better place than Circus Circus!! Dean loves elephants and I tame them... Ahh

We stayed on the 20th floor of the Nugget and while glancing down from our window we say a farmers market right in front! We had a great time walking around eating raosted corn (SO GOOD!!), fresh lemonade and Dean saw a greman hotdog stand and couldn't pass up the chance. So on behalf of Coltton we got one.. And let me tell you that is the LAST German hot dog I'll eat. It was very dry, even with loads of mustard.. Dean choken it down like a champ!

The Best thing about Reno is the ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET!! We loved dressing up and going to the Silver Legacy, they had an all you can eat Seafood. Dean tried Oysters, he loved them with a little tabasco. Yes he is a crazy man! I stuck with the crab and shrimp.. oh so good!

Now, Dean and I love going to the temple any chance we get. While on vacation we love visiting the temples in the area. It is such a wonderful feeling everytime we go, full of real JOY. This is the Reno temple, it is smaller than Sacramento, but full of love just the same..