Herger kids

Herger kids

Monday, August 11, 2008

Reno Vacation

Dean and I at went to Reno right after summer school got out, we needed time away after our long classes. We started of in no better place than Circus Circus!! Dean loves elephants and I tame them... Ahh

We stayed on the 20th floor of the Nugget and while glancing down from our window we say a farmers market right in front! We had a great time walking around eating raosted corn (SO GOOD!!), fresh lemonade and Dean saw a greman hotdog stand and couldn't pass up the chance. So on behalf of Coltton we got one.. And let me tell you that is the LAST German hot dog I'll eat. It was very dry, even with loads of mustard.. Dean choken it down like a champ!

The Best thing about Reno is the ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET!! We loved dressing up and going to the Silver Legacy, they had an all you can eat Seafood. Dean tried Oysters, he loved them with a little tabasco. Yes he is a crazy man! I stuck with the crab and shrimp.. oh so good!

Now, Dean and I love going to the temple any chance we get. While on vacation we love visiting the temples in the area. It is such a wonderful feeling everytime we go, full of real JOY. This is the Reno temple, it is smaller than Sacramento, but full of love just the same..

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Julie Beck said...

I love the picture of you taming the elephant, it is so glamorous:)

I am so jealous of the buffets,(have you seen me put it down?, I ALWAYS get my money's worth!)

The seashell picture of Dean's eyes is CRAZY cool!

How fun to visit the temple, it is always neat to go to new ones.

What a fun trip.