Herger kids

Herger kids

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good Ones!

Now I thought you'd all LOVE this picture... We have a flower boy (Dad), Mikell loves his teddy, Branndon and Zac are hula dudes, Tony loves his pearls, Lb a farmer with a boa and my Sweet Darling (he is tagged as precious!!).. I could only imagen what Coltton would be doing! This is dedicated to him, our dear little brother in Swizterland! Love you Bugg.

Okay, first off Tammara has huge shoes on so she looks way taller than all the rest of us! Next we love taking pictures together! I love my sisters and Mommy..

I also love my litttle brother and big sister... This is kind of a random picture but I didn't know how to erase it with out deleting the rest of the post so this will do. Plus, I love our faces!

Family Pictures!

We are a giggly bunch... Way to much fun! No the best way to look at these pictures is to look at everyone individually, it's GREAT!

Okay so this is how we do a "Family Photo"!!! This is NEVER a say cheese and we are done, no no no.. It is see which picture Mom and Dad HAVE to get!! Ha Ha Tammara had a different pose in evey picture, Zac always looks SHOCKED, Tony and I were doing a doll face, although I don't remember any dolls looking like that! LB, is way to hard core, mom and dad so sweet, Branndon and Leanne so cute, Mikell actually smiling, he was focused on "The Duck!".. And my sweetheart is just a darling!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lake Almanor!!

Now let me show you how much fun we really had.. I have heard it said "A picture says a thousand words". That is a true statement! Proof...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Utah... 4th of July

Okay so the majority of these pictures are taken at the Olsen Family Shindig!! It was so much fun. The drive there and back was SUPER long but well worth it. Pat and Jamie came up for the day, they are wonderful. Julie and Will are splendid.. we had a great time with little Reagan.
The water was freezing, the food yummy, the cousins a blast and I tell you what we can't wait until the next one!
We missed our little brother Coltton but he is having more fun in Switzerland... He is such a joy to us! You Swiss people are so blessed to have him in your company! Love you Bugger!

Computer Stuff!!

We are going to give this a try.. Dean and I are not computer savy so we are going to need time to figure this out! This is so much fun!! I love pictures..