Herger kids

Herger kids

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Utah... 4th of July

Okay so the majority of these pictures are taken at the Olsen Family Shindig!! It was so much fun. The drive there and back was SUPER long but well worth it. Pat and Jamie came up for the day, they are wonderful. Julie and Will are splendid.. we had a great time with little Reagan.
The water was freezing, the food yummy, the cousins a blast and I tell you what we can't wait until the next one!
We missed our little brother Coltton but he is having more fun in Switzerland... He is such a joy to us! You Swiss people are so blessed to have him in your company! Love you Bugger!


Julie Beck said...

We had a blast too.

Not computer savvy, I don't believe you....this blog looks FABULOUS!!!

I am so excited you guys started a blog! This will really, really help me keep up with what you guys are doing and I am going to LOVE it! Thank you!

love you!

Grandma Clifton said...

Way to go Hergers! I love it that you have your own blog! I have no idea how you will find enough to talk about, but I'll love reading every one of them!

Love you both,
Grandma & Grandpa Clifton