Herger kids

Herger kids

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Greating Bigger!!

I am now 33 weeks along! I am loving my Doctor appointments, every other week! We are so blessed to have Dr. Unterseher, he is so knowledgeable and very comfortable to be around. Our sweet baby girl is growing and moving all the time. She is very active! She is going to be here sooner that you know it!! Yeah! I am so happy..

You all should see my sweetheart Dean, he is going to be the best Dad. He won't let me lift a thing! He talks to my belly and even sings Lullabies to her. I can wait to see him holding our little one. Dean is so wonderful, i love him so much.
Dean started another semester at Chico State this last week. He is excited about his classes. He is also working on getting an internship, thanks to Will (our brother-in-law). ;) Life is just going great. We are so very blessed and happy.
Love you all..

Friday, August 14, 2009

My sweethearts Birthday!

August 9th, my Sweethearts birthday, fell on a Sunday this year, so we did a little celebrating on Monday! It was such an enjoyable day. He wanted to work in the morning, that was fine with me but the rest of the day he was mine! Dean was finishing the last of his work on the computer and I slipt out of the house to get some supplies.. I picked up a birthday balloon, sparkling cider and lunch.. good old KFC! You just can't match the potato's, gravy and chicken.. I hid it all in the back of the trunk.. I picked up my starving man and headed to a "Chico's Finest" pinicing spot.. Bidwell Park! Dean asked about what we are going to do for lunch, I told him not to worry.. Then he kept mentioning how it spelled like fried chicken! I asured him that someone must be BBQing or something.. I think he knew better!
We got to our lovely picnic spot and enjoyed a wonderful lunch together in park. It was so yummy and I had the best company.. My hunny!
I am just so very blessed. My husband is the most carring, loving, supportive and hard working man I know. He is such a joy to me and I make sure that every day (many times) I thank my Heavenly Father for my sweet husband Dean.
I love him with all my heart, he is my Lovie! ;) Happy Birthday Dean!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Herger Reunion at Lake Almanor

Julie and Jillian... Having so much fun!
Aunt Trisha and Bob.. so cute!
I love this picture of Reagan.
Robin, Taylor and Wally enjoying the water front!
Melissa and Taylor on the boat. The babies looked so cute in life vests!
Pam working with the girls on Lauren's birthday cake!
Jamie and Micka.. so cute!
Jillian with Lincoln
Will, Dean was tickling Reagan.. she is so fun!
Ah, the boys and Tennis.. Will and Dean love playing with Auntie Linda and Uncle Craig.
Dean and I at the dock!
Dean with Baby Taylor.. isn't she adorable!
Dean with Baby Lincoln.. he is such a happy baby!
Bobby made a fishing pole and line and Dean was trying to fish.. he goes for the BIG fish!
The Fam. freezing in the boat!
Will.. he loves the water!
Lincoln chill'en!
Cassy, Mika and Lauren
Dean and Bob.. They are so funny!
Bob's hide out!
Our 3 minute boat ride.. Then the waves came, then showers, then rain, then hail.. What a day!