Herger kids

Herger kids

Monday, April 27, 2009

FHE and Birthday Celebrations

We had Family Home Evening at Wildwood Park, the boys played home run durby while the gals cooked and ate.. Lb is pitching, Mikell batting and Dean being catcher. You can't see Branndon and Thomas fielding but they are there! They love playing with each other..Hahah, this is Leanne (Branndons wifie), she is a crack up and she loves Doritos!! To the right is our friend Alison. They are both so funny.
We put Tony in charge of cooking the burgers.. he had to sacrifice a couple to the grill before perfecting his burger skills! He is showing you some now! And momma the faithful cheese placer..
This was at Grandma and Grandpa Clifton's house, we celebrated the last 4 months of birthdays! As we all knelt for prayer the boys just looked to buff, i had to take a picture!
Left to right: Grandpa in the back, Leanne, Mikell (he should be getting his mission papers back this week and we will find out where he will be serving the next two years!), Branndon, Tony and LB, oh and a part of mom.
Tammara in the back and this is Uncle Craigs dog, Riff Raff! And Deans, I love you to the dog!
Uncle Craig, he is so funny! Moms younger brother.

Uncle Eric, moms youngest brother. Grandma made him hold up Coltton! He looks big and bad but he is a big softy!
Everyones birthdays within the last 4 months! LB, Daddo, Grandma, Momma, Eric and me, oh and of course Coltton..
Tammara, Rachel and I enjoying tri-tip, home made potato salad and cole slaw. Oh it was so yummy!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun Stuff!

Everyone who know Dad, knows he loves to work.. Something he has instilled in all his children! Dad was planning on building a garage so he had the boys dig 3, 3 feet holes. Instead of finishing the plan he made a new one up.. Find property in Utah! So Dad and the boys filled the holes with cement instead.

Dean also has the same drive for working and loves to work right beside Daddo, and both of the doggies LOVE Dean and Dad.. They follow them eveywhere! Dean just happened to have a little Arby's left over and the pups WILL NOT leave you alone until you share a little treatsie with them... EVENLY!

We all enjoy eggs! Branndon couldn't help himself.. He is like Geston (Beauty and the Beast), at "least 4 dozen eggs, every morning to help him get large".. that's what firemen do!

These men are too much.. They are busy dying eggs and playing with them.. Goofy!

Like Branndon, Dad loves eggs too!!!He is so funny! And I made a "I love Dean" egg.. and a "baby" egg, "Belle" egg, "Rocko" egg, "Colttie bug" egg and i forgot the rest!

Mohr Reunion

Tony and our cousin Chrissy's baby, Mary. She was attached to me a lot! Tony is getting his unlce practice in... Mary was all giggles and snuggles.

Mom, Tammara and I
This year the Mohr side decided that we would have our family reunion during Spring Break this year. We all meet at Camp Nauvoo, right outside Placerville. It was sprinkling the whole time but that didn't stop us from having fun!

Among the fun activities( puddle stomping, food grubbing, candy chowing, movie watch'en, chat'en.. etc), we had a Easter egg hunt for all the little ones.. It was hard keeping them inside while the adults hide the eggs. Aunt Mundi regulating!
Tammara and i had quite the sleeping arrangement.. Dean couldn't make it because of school, so Tammara became my sleeping buddy (butt buddies, we call it). Well between freezing and burning flashes.. we slept on two tables shoved together (not kind to our hips!). Our head at the side of our parents blow-up mattress, mom snoring all night (echoing.. the LOUD sound of sawing logs. I am NOT kinding!) Dad, tamma and I had to make a potty run (really running) to the freezing bathroom at 3am.. And waking up to sizzling bacon and eggs, pancakes and all the goodies that come with family reunions...
This is Lilly (Aunt Sundi's youngest)! Lilly is one of the crazy cousins... She found a banana slug, we were trying to convice her to put in on her tongue, it's supose to numb it. But instead she "wanted to make [her] nose soft", placing the slimmy, thick thing as shown!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pam's Birthday Bash

Wally, Birthday Girl, Deano and Jamie!!!! Oh and Harley.. Faithful side-kick..
All here to celebrate Pam!! We LOVE Pam so much...
Everyone sitting in a circle to honor Pam... A family tradition! We all sit around and say something to the birthday person (Pam), it is a wonderful tradition.. We share funny stories, sweet memories, a couple tears and lots of love.
This is such a funny picture of Leanne and Branndon! They are so wonderful.. Leanne works so hard, she is our Boss (we are apartment managers)... and Bezzer is a Fire Fighter! Leanne loves that! ;)