Herger kids

Herger kids

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mohr Reunion

Tony and our cousin Chrissy's baby, Mary. She was attached to me a lot! Tony is getting his unlce practice in... Mary was all giggles and snuggles.

Mom, Tammara and I
This year the Mohr side decided that we would have our family reunion during Spring Break this year. We all meet at Camp Nauvoo, right outside Placerville. It was sprinkling the whole time but that didn't stop us from having fun!

Among the fun activities( puddle stomping, food grubbing, candy chowing, movie watch'en, chat'en.. etc), we had a Easter egg hunt for all the little ones.. It was hard keeping them inside while the adults hide the eggs. Aunt Mundi regulating!
Tammara and i had quite the sleeping arrangement.. Dean couldn't make it because of school, so Tammara became my sleeping buddy (butt buddies, we call it). Well between freezing and burning flashes.. we slept on two tables shoved together (not kind to our hips!). Our head at the side of our parents blow-up mattress, mom snoring all night (echoing.. the LOUD sound of sawing logs. I am NOT kinding!) Dad, tamma and I had to make a potty run (really running) to the freezing bathroom at 3am.. And waking up to sizzling bacon and eggs, pancakes and all the goodies that come with family reunions...
This is Lilly (Aunt Sundi's youngest)! Lilly is one of the crazy cousins... She found a banana slug, we were trying to convice her to put in on her tongue, it's supose to numb it. But instead she "wanted to make [her] nose soft", placing the slimmy, thick thing as shown!

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Julie Anne said...

The three of you look so much alike!! (your mom, you and Tamara) It's crazy!!! It'll be so much fun to see what you're little baby looks like!!! I love family resemblances!