Herger kids

Herger kids

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun Stuff!

Everyone who know Dad, knows he loves to work.. Something he has instilled in all his children! Dad was planning on building a garage so he had the boys dig 3, 3 feet holes. Instead of finishing the plan he made a new one up.. Find property in Utah! So Dad and the boys filled the holes with cement instead.

Dean also has the same drive for working and loves to work right beside Daddo, and both of the doggies LOVE Dean and Dad.. They follow them eveywhere! Dean just happened to have a little Arby's left over and the pups WILL NOT leave you alone until you share a little treatsie with them... EVENLY!

We all enjoy eggs! Branndon couldn't help himself.. He is like Geston (Beauty and the Beast), at "least 4 dozen eggs, every morning to help him get large".. that's what firemen do!

These men are too much.. They are busy dying eggs and playing with them.. Goofy!

Like Branndon, Dad loves eggs too!!!He is so funny! And I made a "I love Dean" egg.. and a "baby" egg, "Belle" egg, "Rocko" egg, "Colttie bug" egg and i forgot the rest!


Julie Anne said...

You guys always have such a great time!

Does that mean they really are going to move to Utah??? This would be my dream!!!

Bree said...

Utah? What's this about Utah? I'm in Utah! I LOOOOOOVE Utah! Anyway, I adore eggs, too. :)

Corey S. Flynn said...

Looks like a lot of fun!