Herger kids

Herger kids

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Summer Day

It was another blazing hot day in Chico, so to escape the heat Dean, Mikell and I went to a river in Oroville to cool off. That sure did the trick! The water was so refreshing. We soaked up the sun with our $1 floaties from good old walmart and drinking ice cold rootbeer. Yeah, it was great!
Dean and I have found a new favorite pass time.. Bocce Ball! We keep it in our car so we can play it anytime. While I was working on my tan, Mikell and Dean couldn't pass up a chance to Bocce. It was so entertaining..Being that we were on top of a hill the ball kept going in to the water. It was wonderful.

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Julie Beck said...

Bocce ball? Will and I LOVE Bocce ball!!! We also love crochet. Yard games are the greatest.