Herger kids

Herger kids

Monday, July 25, 2011

Little update.

Tips to beating the Hot Arizona Heat..

1. Do your running around in the morning..

2. Water is your new best friend, DO NOT leave the house without a bottle.

3. After naps.. hang out in diaper (luck June!)

We are so blessed to be here in Arizona. I have made a couple really good friends that are so very sweet. I went to a "Girls Night" and come to find out, my friends through a little baby shower for me. I love them! June took over the balloons the second I walked in the door. :)

No Love for Ronald McDonald

There are so many fun things for us to do.. Our friend Tiffany loves going to the library so we thought we'd check it out.. June loved story time. We sang, read books and played with scraves and bubbles. A "Special Guest" was coming after songs and books. When Ronald McDonald walked in.. all the kids got so excited. Not June.. We were sitting near the front and June was clapping allong with the other kids but her face and voice was not sure. When Ronald went into his tricks, June wasn't having it.. she screamed out, "SIDE" (which means outside). I walked to the back of the group and June was crying but keeping her eyes on the happy, loud, over excited clown. By then the attention was on June. Needless to say, we didn't hang around.. No more Ronald McDonald reading time for us.

Bye, Bye, Ronald..


Raejean said...

I'm hoping we're done with the 110 degree days!

We'll have to get together.

whit said...

Haha I agree with her, he is scary! And, I wish with all my heart I could have been there for your shower.