Herger kids

Herger kids

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Dean!

Happy Birthday Dean!!
To a wonderful Husband and Father...

Dean, this is our favorite day of the year, a day to celebrate just you! Your daughter loves you so much, when you are gone everything is Daddies.. Daddies bed, Daddies water, Daddies book, Daddies car.. and the list continues. Then when you walk in the door "Daddy" and June runs to living room, diving on the ground, roll over to her back and say "Daddy bite" (meaning her stomach). She loves waking you up and telling you all about monkies and doggies. You are her hero!

I am so blessed Heavenly Father brought us together. Life has never been so good and it just continues. You and I have a deep deep love, I love you so much! I can tell you anything, be myself and enjoy doing nothing with you! you are my one true love.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


kkupfer said...

Happy birthday! Miss you

whit said...

A couple days ago Ryan said June was one of the cutest babies he's ever seen. And happy birthday Dean!! We love you guys.