Herger kids

Herger kids

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

St. George, Utah

In November I had the chance to go out to Utah to visit my best friends (minus Whitney, who is in Virginia), but out of the four of us 3 were together for our "Girls Weekend!!" Which consisted of a lot of driving, crazy picture taking, funny story telling, getting pulled over, cooking good food together, hot tub soaking... all the things best friends LOVE to do together!
Megan(the one in pink) just returned from her mission in up state New York. She is our cook in the group and is adjusting quickly into real life... ;)
Meggie and I, we love to talk serious pictures together! I am SO glad she is home!

Kim is the new mother is our tight-knit circle of friends. This is the other reason I wanted to go to Utah so badly.. New baby Kanyon. It is so amazing to see us all grow up. From grade school to missions, weddings, and now babies. Time moves so quick! I love you girls so much. Megan, Kim and Whitney have been my best friends for a while and I want them to know I am ALWAYS goign to be here for them.. ;)

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that is an awesome family picture, and the colors go well to