Herger kids

Herger kids

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Doggie Sitters!

This is Me at 36 weeks! Our little girl is growing.. ;)
Dean and I have been very busy lately.. While my parents have been working on their new place in Utah, Dean and I took on the task of Dog sitters and house watchers! We have been having the greatest time with the doggies, lov'en them up! During the day while Dean is at school I have been helping going through things and organizing.. love it and Belle has been my sidekick!

We took the dogs on walks and car rides.. They didn't know what to do in the car but I couldn't leave them at the house, when I went to pick up Dean from school. They LOVE Dean!! So it was a nice surprise for all of them!

Rockie is a stick lover!! He carries his sticks around all day, he even naps with them now, but once Dean shows up.. crazy begins! He wippers and whines until Dean plays with him.. Rocko wakes Dean up in the morning with a great big smile and loves. It is so cute!

Belle is my sweetie. She follows me around all day long. And if I have to go to the store for a quick minute she gives me "The LOOK"! She has precious eyes and a puppy face, its a killer! This is a parcial precious face.. I love my pup.

This is a new found hobbie that the dogs have.. tug-a-war. This bunny is Belle's chew toy, now because it is Belle's, Rockee wants it! So they share it.. never very long but long enough for a picture!
Dean and I have had the greatest time hanging out with the doggies. Both Rockee and Belle are such a wonderful part of our family. They make us laugh so much, we are so blessed to be given such love.

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