Herger kids

Herger kids

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good Bye California!!

The last couple days left in California for the Hergers!!

Cookies with Grandma, a must! Grandma loves her little taste testers... I mean helpers.

Grandpa, looking handsome and happy.

Reagan, Lauren, Micah, June and Taylor. Sweet little cousins all lined up in a row.

Grandma, we miss you SO Much!

JulieAnn came for a visit with Reagan and Lincoln. June loved having cousins to play with.

Oma and Papa came from Utah to move Dean and I move to Arizona. I couldn't tell you how great it was having them.. Mission impossible made possible!

Hazel, June and Oma..

Hazel is so cute! A beauty, not affraid of a little dirt.

June and her Great Unlces, Craig and Eric and Great Grandpa Clifton. They are kids at heart, I promise! :)

Lovely Girls.

Grandma Clifton, Leanne, Hazel, Grandma Herger, Savannah, June and Oma.

Handsome Men!

Uncle Eric, Uncle Craig, Grandpa Clifton, Dean, Branndon, Papa and Coltton.

Oma and her girlies!

Papa.. Caught you red handed! Haha, no wonder June is a twinkie lover!!!

This is what 4 men and a trailor are capable of. Amazing! We couldn't have done this without Oma and Papa. Thank you!

June was Queen Bee on this trip. She could have asked for the moon and we would have got it for her. She did so well, stuffed in a car seat and packet all around.. Well done June!

We Made It!! Safe and Sound!!

Our new home, HOT HOT Arizona....

We love it!

Come on out family.. :)


Raejean said...

We'll have to get together now that you are in the land of the sun - or is that on the sun?

Kerri said...

this means you have to post more often so we know how things are. good luck!!

whit said...

Ahhh you are so big girl! And adorable in every way! We miss you guys like crazy.

kkupfer said...

I happy for you and your family! See ya soon!

Mohr Family said...

THAT was an amazing trip!! I LOVED starting it in Chico visiting with my little girlies, can't wait until the next time. I loved being with the boys too ;-)
Love You All!!!