Herger kids

Herger kids

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Way past due.

Junie, a chef in the morning...
An Artist by mid afternoon...
And to top if off, a Princess, the rest of the day!
My little Ry, he is a charmer. I love his smile, it tickles my heart. :)

We have been in Arizona for about 7 months now and love it. We have made wonderful friends, played in countless parks, visited the temple many times, shared many precious moments with our two darling children, had our neice, Cassie, move in, moved into a house instead of an apartment, grew grass in our backyard (yes, we are so excited about that) and much more. I must say the winter is fantastic, 70 degrees...
Dean is working so hard in the program, spending hours a day studying. We do get plenty of time together still which is a treat we didn't expect. June loves her Daddy, she will jump on him in the mornings and say "It's time to get up Dad, it's 8:30." It seems to be 8:30 more than twice a day in our house.
Our sweet little girl is 2. June talks so well, sings like an angel, she is so trusting, loving and so much fun. She really enjoys being a big sister. June loves to make Ryan laugh, she'll do this cute, wiggle dance that gets him to laugh so hard. She also likes to dress up, clothes, chapstick, make up. She will put on her princess dress and say "I Princess" (while bowing). We've had to keep all chapstick in high places, June WILL NOT give it up is she gets her hands on it. She won't eat it but use it all up, her lips will be covered layers upon layers.. and then say "How I look?" (while puckering her lips).
Now for our little man... Ryan is such a happy, smily baby boy. He is 5 months now. Where does time go? Ryan is my side-kick, we go everywhere together. Lately, he has been blowing raspberries with his lips, adorable. Ryan rolls all over the place. Once he figured out he could move.. he has been rolling all over. He's trying to keep away from June, hahaha.
Our children bring us the greatest happiness, joy and love. Heavenly Father has blessed us beyond measure.
As for me, I couldn't be happier being a mom. Staying home and playing with my babies all day is a dream come true. June and I paint, scoop puff balls into bowls, color, play with playdough, cook, bake, eat, do everything together, with Ryan on my hip (totally interested in everything we are doing). I LOVE being a mom.
There is a little about and a couple pictures...

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