Herger kids

Herger kids

Friday, May 29, 2009

Long, Fun blog!

Sweet Summer Nights!
Dad, doing what he loves to do best, Mow with a cold sodie in his paws! I drove up and he was outside mowing the little island across from their house, then he kindly made his way around the bock... mowing all the neighbors lawns as well.
This is what the boys do.. Everyday the boys call Dean and I to come over and "play" with them. We came over and I watched them play 3 flies up for like 2 1/2 hours, in the front yard.
Mikell and Dean being silly as usual.. I don't know if I have mentioned that Mikell is leaving for his mission July 1st. He has been called to Omaha, Nebraska.. He is going to be a great missionary. He has such a sweet, tender heart and is so very funny.
Mikell and Dean again!

This was funny.. Branndon (my big brother is a fire fighter), he brought all his new gear over and wanted to have Tony try it on.. Tony didn't want too. Branndon being as sly as he is said Ok and ask him to just put on the pants so he could adjust them. Tony agreed to that and put on the pants, then Branndon made an excuse for the coat and so on.... As soon as you know it Tony is decked out in Branndon's fight fighting get-up.. I love my brothers!
Coltton, my little brother, serving in Switcherland sent me some "New" pictures.. Who knows how old they are but I was so excited to get some new pictures of him. Here he is in front of "Hotel Califonia", he was so happy to see this!

Like I said I don't know how old these are.. oh well! Coltton, will be back at the end of the year.. He is such a bubblie spirit, I know the Swiss peeps have been lov'en him up. ;)

Mikell, Me, Tony, Leanne and Dean!
We all got to go see Tony (the one in the tan and white shirt) get a distinguished music award from the Navy! Yeah, GO TONY!! He is graduating this year and will be attending BYU in the fall. We are so blessed to have such a smartie pants in our family.. Here we all are supporting The TONE MAN!

Dean and I had a date at the Fair.. Oh it was so wonderful, we ate corn dogs while enjoying The Grand Funk Railroad concert. We also pet all the cute farm babies, there were a ton!
I got to ride the piggie!! How exciting..

And lastly, my sweet husband is such a sport! One of our Carpet Cleaning customers was so sweet and gave me a dead sea spa kit! It came with all sorts of goodies, among them was mud masks.. So Dean and I had our own spa day and it was delightful!
This what we have been up too the last couple weeks!! Fun Fun Fun


Julie Anne said...

Your dad is so nice!

It is so fun to see your little tummy showing!

Looks like a lot of fun.

The McCarthy Family said...

Wow, where do you even begin, you covered so much in that blog. Love your dad on the mower! Loved the pictures of Colton. Congratulations Mikell on your upcoming mission. Savannah you look so cute with your little belly. OK the spa made me laugh til I cried!!!!! I know I forgot lots. Love you guys...

Bree said...

Yes, your husband is indeed, a sport to do a mask. Hope you're feeling well! Won't be long for me now!