Herger kids

Herger kids

Monday, May 11, 2009

Utah Trip

This is my Mom and Dads new property! It is in Wellington UTAH, a very Po Dunk Town.. the property needs a lot of loving! My funny Papa Bear (Dad) has his plans drawn out for the new house he is going to build for my momma. It is going to be beautiful but until it becomes such we plan on giving them a hard time! kidding! We all get a good laugh.. Mom, Dad and Lb! The rest of us kids (Tammara, Branndon and Leanne, Savannah and Dean, Coltton when he gets off his mission) are staying in good old, green, good smelling California! Tony will be at BYU and Mikell on his mission in NEBRASKA!!!!
My ADORABLE niece, Reagan! Tammara, mom and I get to surprise Julie and Will, while we were out in Utah. It was so fun!
Julie is such a wonderful mother. She is now the mother of two beautiful kids, little Lincoln (the newest addition to the family) and Reagan. Julie made us Taco soup.. Oh my goodness it was so good...
Mom, Tammara and I at Womens Conference.. Mom drove us out there, she is a trouper while behind the wheel, very impressive! It was a great Conference, we got or spiritual boost for the month, all in about 5 hours.. everyone should have the chance to go to conference.. Bring a sweater, it is cold and snacks are a MUST!!!
Dean was so sweet! After returning from our long drive home and sleeping for like 10 hours.. I woke up Sunday and Dean made me dinner and dessert! He is a great cook and I didn't know it.. He made this dessert all on his own, the short cake and all... he also knew how much I LOVE raspberries so instead of strawberry short cake, he made yummy raspberry short cake. oh I ate it all, it was so good! I was so happy to be home with my sweetheart!

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Julie Anne said...

It was sooooooo fun seeing you guys!!!

This is such exciting news about the Utah property!!!

I love that you have the baby counter on your blog so I can always keep track. Only a few more weeks before you can find out what you're having!!!!